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From Saturday November 27 entry is only allowed for Covid-19-vaccinated and recovered persons. Please bring certificate / app! Thanks! :)

Vintage Galore is a store in Berlin for vintage furnishings. “Vintage” means these are old pieces. Mainly Danish Modern Mid Century Design. So largely pieces from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Some almost timeless, some rather nostalgic – but in a Scandinavian Modernist way. Tastefully selected and high quality restored furniture. Also lamps and other furnishings. In addition, there is a selection of second-hand clothing. I understand sustainability as part of my concept.


“Why the pipe?”
“Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”

…no, I’m not making it quite that simple now.

The pipe was at the time, from which most of my pieces originate, an important accessory (especially in Denmark) and also stood for relaxation and coziness. No, I spare you the H**** word at this point. Also many designers posed at that time with pipe. Unforgettable: the pictures with one of the most famous of that time: Arne Jacobsen.


The shop – that’s actually just me: Erik. As I have a craft background and am passionate about restoring furniture, I consider myself more of a craftsman than a dealer. With Vintage Galore I am realizing myself in a one-person business. Only items that I like find their way into my store. I particularly like reduced, timeless designs and fine woods, such as teak, afrormosia, walnut and rosewood. In my opinion, the warmth and the feel of the wood create a pleasant atmosphere.


Having a personal relationship with Scandinavia also reflects in my product selection. I put a lot of work and love (also to the detail) into the restoration of my pieces. For woodworking I use almost exclusively natural-based products. Aesthetics, surface finish and feel are also important to me in the final result of the restorations. Feel free to stop by and make your own impression!

Erik / Vintage Galore


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